Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day!!!

So, I love Valentine's Day- I really do. Growing up, my family would go all out to make it special. My parents would buy each other the coolest heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolate, and then use use them as decorations for the following years. (We had everything from furry, felt-covered heart boxes to denim ones- it was great!) They would also give us kids some wonderful treats, as well as an awesome breakfast- and that was just the beginning of the day. We would often recieve gifts at school, like flowers or other things, and then have a fantastic Valentines Day dinner later that night. My parents felt it was one of the most important holidays, and wanted to make sure that we felt loved. And by the way they treated us, we always did. :)

So, this year was my first Valentines Day married to Brandon, and it was the most amazing day ever. With a husband like mine, how could it not be? :) He made me an elaborate and yummy dinner with his friend, bought me some beautiful pink roses, and just treated me like a queen all day. I bought him the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolates that I could find, and put together a massage kit for him. We also had a Valentines Day breakfast of blueberry muffins and apple cider, which was a tradition we carried on from our wonderful Valentines Day last year. I love Valentines Day, and I have a feeling that they are only going to get better and better! :)

Our Apartment Pictures- Finally!!!

So Brandon and I are finally putting some pictures of our apartment on our blog. We think it's rather roomy and nice, and we love it!!! Any way, here are the pics. :)

The first two pics are of our bedroom. The second picture is the view from the end of the bed.

This picture is of our "music room," but not because of this wall....

but these two walls. On this wall we have a saxophone picture, a miniature flute (that Brandon gave me while on his mission), and a guitar chord chart.

On this wall, we have Brandon's keyboard, my guitar, and my flute (which is hiding). :)

This is the first view of our bathroom. More like, this is the view of our shower.

This is the second view of our bathroom.

This is our lovely kitchen- and the dishes in the sink are clean and drying, I promise. :P

Another view of our kitchen, with its random chairs. On the back counter there are some muffins- yum!!! :)

These stairs lead to outside.

This is the computer area in the Living room.

The Living Room

And that's a basic tour of our apartment. We have another storage room in the back, but since it is full of boxes I didn't want to take a picture of it. Cheers! :)