Thursday, April 12, 2012

39 weeks and counting... :-)

Can I just say that I can't believe my baby is due in a week! I don't know if she will come before or after, but her due date is so close! I'm getting to the stage where it's hard to touch my toes, sit up from a laying down position, sit closer than 1 foot away from the dinner table, and be more than a block away a bathroom. You know it's funny when you are excited that you can still paint your toenails (which I was able to do last Sunday- it felt as big an achievement as making a really fancy dinner).

Here are some pics of me at 37 weeks:

So right now, I'm loving showers. I don't know what it is about them, but they make me so relaxed and happy. I'm also loving spending time with Brandon, because he's been spoiling me silly. My feet have started swelling, so he will give me foot massages on a nightly basis. Also, he brought me an elaborate breakfast in bed on Easter, just because "he felt like it." And best of all, we go on nightly walks, just to talk and make sure I get exercise. He's been ultra-sweet, even though I know he's a bit stressed out about our home closing before the baby comes.

So that's the other news. We do have a house- 617 N. Sunland Dr. A neat tidbit about the home is that Tavish- Brandon's Dad- built the home, and Charisse- Brandon's Mom- designed the layout. It's pretty nifty, and we like it. Here is a link to the home:

We are excited to go inside, fix it up more, and make it ours. We just need the bank to finish up the loan process, and for the rest of the paperwork to go through. We're thinking that it will happen within the next few weeks. That's also when our little girl is scheduled to make an appearance. While we would prefer to have the house come before the baby, I'm just grateful to have both in our lives. The Lord is looking out for us, and it will all be alright. :-)

So that's the news in our neck of the woods. When there's more to tell, I will update the blog and my Facebook profile. Our lives will be moving very quickly very soon, but I can't wait! :-)

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  1. haha- enjoy the showers! it's hard to get them with any regularity once a baby enters the picture... then a second baby... I measure the productivity of my day by whether I showered or not! you're going to be a great mom- and we can't wait to see all the pictures you're going to post when you have a bazillion to choose from. because, let's face it, everyone takes way too many pictures of their first! ;)