Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The baby is a....

This picture is of the baby at 12 weeks. I need to get a more current one. But until then, you can see our little gummy bear. Isn't the baby cute??? :-)

So, for the big news...our baby is a girl! Yay!!! I would've been okay with having a boy baby. Boys and girls are both fun in their own way. But now that I know that I'm having a girl, I can dream of cute frilly dresses and bows in my baby's hair.

Brandon is excited, too. He did inform me that he hopes our little girl plays sports like him. I say if he can get her up for 5 am basketball (when she's old enough), then that's awesome. I do like that he's happy about the news, and as excited as I am.

So below are some pictures of things that I hope she's interested in:




Ballroom Dancing

musical instruments

Of course, if she's not into these things, it's okay. I know each baby comes into the world with their own personality. But man oh man, I'm just so excited that we are having a girl!

So the name that we are thinking of is Ariadne (pronounced: Air-ee-add-knee). Brandon and I first heard the name on the movie "Inception," and we really liked it. I researched it some more recently, and found out it actually is a greek mythological name. It means "most holy." Here is the story about it below:

While I'm not totally fond of the whole story behind her name, I do like the fact that her name is associated with being very smart. In the story, Ariadne gives a thread to Theseus to help him get out of a maze. So now her name is used when trying to solve complicated puzzles:'s_thread_(logic)

This post is getting a little long, so I should probably end it. I'm just so excited and happy about the future. I get to make all sorts of plans and get cute baby things. Yay for babies! And double yay for baby girls!!!


  1. Congrats! I'm excited for you to have a girl! That's going to be fun. :) If she has a personality that's anything like yours, she'll love to read, be musically inclined, and know how to shake her hips on the dance floor.

    Confession: It's weird talking about your fetus's hips.

  2. Hooray! We are way excited for you guys! And excited to meet our fabulous little neice. Love you much!

  3. I LOVE the name Ariadne- and I think it suits you & Brandon very well to have a daughter named that! We're so excited!!!

  4. Hip hip hooray! We are both so excited for you! Happy day!!!

  5. Congratulations!!! That will be sooooo exciting!!!! You will have so much fun!!! I have never heard of the name Ariadne before, but it does sound like a cute name, and the meaning/story behind the name are pretty cool! I love names that have a history/story with them. Congrats again!! What happy, happy news!!